1943 Jeep rolling off a landing boat at Fedala harbour during the landing. - Reprint

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An American Landing operation in North Africa, A four wheel drive U.S. jeep rolls off a landing boat at Fedala harbor. *** Mohammédia is a port city on the west coast of Morocco between Casablanca and Rabat in the region of Casablanca-Settat. It hosts the most important oil refinery of Morocco, the Samir refinery, which makes it the center of the Moroccan petroleum industry. It has a population of 188,619 (2004 census). The harbour, at what is now Mohammédia, was originally named Fédala (فضالة). This name comes from the Arabic words Fadl Allah which means "favor of God". Traces still exist of its business role under the Almoravid dynasty. It was frequented in the 14th and 15th centuries by merchant ships from Europe seeking cereals and dried fruits. In 1773, the Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah made of Fédala a grains warehouse of Tamesna province and built the Kasbah to protect the shops for traders. He built the white masjid Al Atik as well. Keywords: people, men, American, soldiers, sitting, boat, jeep, rolling, driving, landing, sea, water, Fedala, Morocco, Harbor, landing, 1943

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