A kiss on forehead is Navy officer's farewell to his wife. -1944 - Reprint

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A kiss on forehead is Navy officer's farewell to his wife. Of all the millions of minor tragedies that go to make up the major tragedy of war, perhaps the most heartrending is a soldier's farewell to the woman he loves. Daily scene of hundreds of such goodbye is New York City's Pennsylvania Station where out-bound trains wait to carry America's manhood to fight for a cause in which they believe. As these pictures so movingly tell, each farewell is a drama in itself. After more than two years of war, these boys and girls have said goodbye many times. They stand in front of the gates leading to the trains, deep in each other's arms, not caring who sees or what they think. The common denominator of all soldier's farewell is sadness and tenderness, and complete oblivion for the moment to anything but their own individual heartaches. -1944 people, man, officer, woman, couple, love, kissing, parting,

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