A picture of s / s Bore in the struggle with the ice in the archipelago; - Year 1898 - Reprint

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A picture of s / s Bore in the struggle with the ice in the archipelago; 1898. Pi Monday it 70 years ago 14 knots. The interior v • Ångfartygs AB Bore opened the re- gonting extra. Electric traffic across the Åland oat Re occurred on board "with kleriet was formed in 1897 and Feb. 29. On 16 normallius strength". next year left the newly constructed s / s Housing Germe got a place in the first re Turku in its Kirsta trip to Marie- second 38. In addition hell '& port and Stockholm. The ship came salons for both klasserfitsti'iC P iJd-Ar.låv then with slight break to TIA on Finland Traffic for many years, in his old age under the name Bore I. In 1961 faithful were taken out of service for breaking up. Bore was a brand ships, built fill a class not earlier, are familiar with these waters, designed for once in sea ice with all the reinforcements contemporary klassningsregter prescribed. Furthermore, the old in dåckspassagerarna. To organize traffic on sound financial basis, the Company entered into Bore 1904 a cooperation agreement with the Finnish • On Ångfartygs AB. It was the beginning of our day "The samseglanden cooperation that shipping companies", to Stockholm in 1918 expanded Rederi AB Svea. These three lines formed in 1957 AB Silja shipping company with the primary mission to ferries ungaren up very fast. Ångmaski- hen on 1300 horsepower • gave in to fill the truck traffic and bilturis-o good conditions Bore a speed, on feminine • äxande kraft.-Source - BILD ARKIV

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