Ingrid Bergman as Eva Beckman and Edvin Adolphson as Valdemar Moreaux in the film En enda natt (Only One Night), 1939. - Reprint

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Ingrid Bergman as Eva Beckman and Edvin Adolphson as Valdemar Moreaux in the film En enda natt (Only One Night), 1939. A single night is a Swedish drama film from 1939 , directed by Gustaf Molander . Colonel Brede get to see a man, Valdemar who works at the funfair and finds out that he might be a hitherto unknown son to him. Valdemar interested in the ward is spread Eva Beckman, but she finds it difficult to grasp his feelings. Premiere in Uppsala, 20 February 1939 . A single night has also been shown in SVT . The film was based on a Danish novel. Ingrid Bergman, born 29 August 1915 in Hedvig Eleonora church in Stockholm [1] , died 29 August 1982 in London , was a Swedish actress . She played in European and American movies and was awarded the Film Prize Oscar three times. Twice for Best Actress , in the Gaslight 1944 and Anastasia in 1956 and for best supporting actress in Murder on the Orient Express in 1974. Best known is Ingrid Bergman for his roles as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca in 1942, against the Humphrey Bogart and Alicia Huberman in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Notorious 1946 to Cary Grant . Of American Film Institute , she is ranked as the fourth biggest female star in American films of all time. [2] Bergman was the daughter of the artist Justus Bergman (1871-1929) and Frieda Adler (1884-1918). The mother, who was of German jew descent, was born in Kiel , and the parents were married June 13, 1907 in Hamburg . They were at Ingrid's birth residing next door to the Royal Dramatic Theatre at Strandvägen 3, where his father ran a photo business. Ingrid was their only surviving child; earlier, in 1908, the mother had given birth to a stillborn son, and a few years later they got another child who died after a few weeks. When Ingrid was 3 years mother died of jaundice 1918th In his father's photographic studio awakened her interest in photography and film - something she herself throughout life devoted widely as a hobby - and she loved as kids get to dress up and act model in front of the camera. After the age of 13 became worried about Ingrid's life, when his father also died, and in 1929 she was forced to move to his unmarried aunt, Ellen Bergman. After following year also the aunt and several other close relatives died Ingrid moved to an uncle, Otto Bergman and his wife Hulda. Gustav Edvin Adolphson, born 25 February 1893 in Furingstad in Östergötland , died 31 October 1979 in Solna Assembly [1] , was a Swedish actress . [2] He is buried in Solna cemetery . [3] Edvin Adolphson was born in Furingstad, Östergötland, and moved with her ​​parents to Norrköping when he was a few years old. He was the son of the blacksmith and entrepreneur Gustav Adolfsson (1872-1936) and Maria, born in Power (1874-1952). [1] [4] Adolphson theater debuted in 1912 on Arbisteatern in his hometown. He began touring as an actor in 1915 and moved to Stockholm in 1918. From 1920 he played at the Intimate Theatre, but started this year also seriously his movie career, after film debut in Thomas Graal's Best Children (1918). During this time he managed, as in the case of The Phantom Carriage (1958) and Song of the Blood-Red Flower , participate in several different versions of the same movie. During the latter part of his career he starred in big TV productions, such Markurells in Wadköping , Swedenhielms and Hemsöborna .

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