Norwegian forces during a briefing after the Germans surrendered. 1945 - Reprint

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Norwegian forces during a briefing after the Germans surrendered. 1945 In Norway, the second world war ended in a way which few had expected or even dared to anticipate. The German forces, surrendered their weapons on midnight, 8 May 1945 after orders from the German High Command, and afterwards conducted themselves in an exemplary manner. Allied forces, Norwegians among them, took over and within a few weeks all administration was transferred to civilian Norwegian organs. Norwegian troops arrived at Kirkenes three weeks after the Russians. On 11 November 1944, 300 soldiers led by Col. Arne D. Dahl crossed the border in Soviet lorries. They belonged to the 2nd mountain company of the Norwegian brigade in Scotland, and had been sent by ship to Murmansk. The Norwegians who had remained in Finnmark were disappointed that the Norwegian troops came so late and were so few in number. Of course, they couldn't know that the exiled government in London had pressed hard for a bigger effort among the Western Allies. But the British and Americans had other plans - top priority was given to the battles on the Continent in the final phases of the war in Europe. Photo taken: May 1945 people, men, soldiers, standing, saluting, together, event, street, gathered, looking, discipline, Norge, 1945

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