Seaplane Friedrichshafen FF 49 in Malmo industrial harbor. - Reprint

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It was lovely pioneers, the men of just 50 years ago that helped start regular Swedish mail flights. We who on Wednesday followed their classical route Malmö-Warnemünde-Malmö in a modern line aircraft had perhaps difficulty in putting ourselves in their conditions when a wolf skin coat was included in the ticket aboard the large seaplane Friedrichshafen FF 49. Friedrichshafenflygbåten in Malmo industrial harbor 1920th Back competition at the fourth person to the left of the plane belongs to Senior Engineer Karl Lignell which also saw the anniversary of the plane lift on Wednesday, exactly 50 years later.Post, Airmail, Air post, Post delivery, Seaplane, Malmö, Friedrichshafen FF 49, Harbour

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