Swedish voluntary corps 1940 Military men having a dinner inside a camp. - Reprint

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Swedish voluntary corps 1940 Military men having a dinner inside a camp. At the beginning of the German invasion and Throughout the War, Norwegians were able to cross the border into Sweden. These included Jews, political figures, resistance fighters, labor conscripteesd, and others who feared the Germans. The Germans established border patrols, but this was a virtually impossible task given the length of the border and Sweden's refusal to return the refugees. Norewgian living along the border helped the refugees evade the German patrols and became known as 'border pilots'. The Swedish authorities harbored the refugees, but did not encourage flight from Norway. They confined the refugees in camps. An estimsted 50,000 Norwegians escaped to Sweden. We are not sure about the number of children, but among the refugees were family groups. Some of the male refuf\gees wanted to join the Norwegian armed forces abroad otganized by the Londin government-in-exile. Some managed to travel through the Soviet Union and get to Britain. This became more complicated after the German invasion of the Soviet Union (June 1941). A few individiduals including officsers and pilots managed to get permissiion to exist Sweden on Swedish-flag vessels. The Norwegian government in exile after considerable effort got Swedish permisddion to form military formations among the refugees in Sweden (1944). They were called 'Police troops' so Sweden could retain its neutral stance. Photo taken: 1940 people, men, sitting, together, meal, feeding, dining table, communication, smiling, 1940, Norway,

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