Tutta Rolf as Sara Holm and Håkan Westergren as Teddy Haller in the film Sara lär sig folkvett (Sara learns some manners), 1937. - Reprint

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Tutta Rolf as Sara Holm and Håkan Westergren as Teddy Haller in the film Sara lär sig folkvett (Sara learns some manners), 1937. Sara learns some manners is a Swedish comedy film from 1937 , directed by Gustaf Molander . Sara Holm works as a maid in the family Haller; a widow and her three adult children, two sons and a daughter. One day, Sara learns that her uncle kingdom from Australia died and she inherited a fortune. Her employers are worried that Sara should not handle the responsibility that comes with having money, and offers her to stay as "Paying Guest" in their homes while they teach her how wealthy people should behave ... The film includes the famous song "Now we are going up, up, up, up in the nascent state of love ...". Hakan Westergren Karl Leonard, born 29 april 1899 in Solna , died 15 October 1981 in Högalids parish in Stockholm [1] , was a Swedish actress . He often played roles in light comedies, often as a charmer. Westergren was the son of merchant John Westergren and Ellen, unmarried Håkansson. [2] He studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre School from 1920 to 1922 and in 1924 had her breakthrough in Odygdens reward of Blanche Theatre . Then he had a series of comedy roles. He made ​​her film debut in 1927 in his English wife and starred in a total of 80 Swedish films. His first starring role he had in 1929 in Say it in print , in which he played a composing tram conductor. [3] During the 1930s, consisted of his movie roles usually of happy young men at the end of the films got his girl. Private, he was a football fan, which also happened that he was on the screen, as in for her in 1930 and his life off in 1932. For his role as the rich wastrel in He, she and the money in 1936, he was hailed. In 1945 he played the family man of three sons went to flight , and in 1951 he played the bicycle factory owner in steak and banana . He starred in Ingmar Bergman Waiting Women in 1952 and was also involved in four Åsa-Nisse films. The year before he died, he made ​​his last film role in Barna from Blåsjöfjället . [3] The roles of charmer was common even in his theater career, but he also had serious roles. On Oscar Theatre , where he was engaged 1927-1931 he played Felix Meng example in Hjalmar Bergman's rabble (1928) and the innocence clientele Lieutenant Raleigh RC SHERRIFFS The men at the front (1929). In Jan de Hartogs Heaven bed, he played in 1953 against wife Inga Tidblad. His last stage commitment he had at the Dramatic Theatre in 1956. [3] He was married in 1931 to actress No Tidblad (1901-1975) [1] , which the year before had been the widow of actor Ragnar Bill Berg . Together with Inga Tidblad he got the children Meg Westergren 1932 Claes-Håkan Westergren 1935, both of which became an actor. The spouses Westergren is buried in North Cemetery in Stockholm. [4] Solveig Jenny Ekman, known as Tutta Rolf, unmarried Berntzen, born 7 October 1907 in Christiania , Norway , died 26 October 1994 in Los Angeles (registered in the Oscars parish , Stockholm [1] ), was a Norwegian - Swedish singer , actor and revue artist . Tutta Rolf debuted as a revue artist in Christiania 1923rd She was launched in Sweden in 1928 by Ernst Rolf. In the 1930s she became a movie star and in 1935 she even made ​​two films in Hollywood . She appeared in revues of Ernst Rolf , Karl Gerhard and Kar de Mumma . Tutta Rolf was acclaimed as an actress in several movies, including Love and cash shortage , a gentle wink and Sara learns some manners . She played Ophelia to Gosta Ekman Elder in Hamlet at the Vasa Theatre in 1934 and had success with songs like: Now we're up, up, up, A sailor on horseback is nothing, the great, great, great, great love and A still wink.

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